Tools Nurses Use

Anyone can conjure a mental image of a nurse in a white cap and leather shoes, but have a wide range of tools that they use in their professions every day. From the common to the not so obvious, a nurse’s tools of the trade are many. With new technology comes new gadgetry that must learn and master.

Scrubs and shoes are a major part of the items that nurses use daily. Uniforms must be practical and comfortable and must conform to the standards of the place of employment. Shoes are always important as the nurse is on his or her feet for long periods of time. Arch supports as well as durability are important considerations.

A nurse’s tool kit includes lots of things. Most nurses carry their equipment in little compartmentalized totes with handles, to make finding what the need fast and easy. Inside you’ll almost always find scissors, medical tape (sometimes latex and non-latex because so many people have latex allergies), pens, bandages, gloves, and sometimes stethoscopes and thermometers. These are everyday items that are used often and need to be kept handy. Some nurses are even known to stash goodies in their kits to appease unhappy or scared children (and even an occasionally grumpy adult).

One of a nurse’s most useful tools is his or her watch. When performing tasks such as checking pulse, a nurse much watch the second hand of a clock. Nurses often choose waterproof watches and sometimes even look for time pieces that clip on or hang on cords or chains around the neck to keep their hands free as much as possible. Some nurses have gone tech with their gadgetry. Nursing equipment companies are now making digital stethoscope and pulse timers.

One device that nurses are always using are blood pressure cuffs and monitors. Every doctor’s office has at least one and nurses are required to be familiar with the different types and their uses. Nurses tools also include diagnostic machines such as heart monitors. There is a machine to monitor and/or regulate just about every vital sign a human being has and the number of machines varies from department to department.

With modern technology making strides at a fast pace these days, nurses need to keep abreast of new devices and how to use them. Armed with gadgets galore, nurses’ jobs are becoming simpler, more efficient and technologically savvy.

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