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Nurses are a vital component of the healthcare system. Anyone who has received some form of healthcare, whether it be for an annual physical, a complicated surgery, or a trip to the emergency room has surely been assisted by a nurse. There are several types of nurses that work in numerous different specialties throughout the healthcare industry. Nurses perform a wide range of tasks and deliver an array of services while caring for patients. As the healthcare industry continues to grow, there is a shortage of qualified nurses in the United States. is a resource for current and future nurses. For those considering becoming a nurse, we have compiled various state education and certification requirements. In addition, we detail the salary history of nurses for every state. We also list the available nursing job openings across the country for various types of nurses.

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We have compiled historical salary information for nurses by state. Hover over a state below to view the average nursing salary and click on a state to view additional salaray information as well as current job openings. View more nursing salary information.

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